• Ambient House: Dance, Party, Rave Techno Trance Music
Press play and go! Ambient House is all about getting in the mood with awesome tracks and stunning visual effects. Project it big or play it on your own TV, this great audio-visual trip will send you into a deep musical techno trance. From drum and bass, sub and glitch to trance and techno, the electro groove will have everybody going wild. Created by an award-winning film and movie Director with the assistance of cutting edge musicians and special effects experts. It has been specially made to work with any music you want to play or with it’s own unique non-stop loop of great popular dance tracks. Ideal for your party, rave, event or just for playing at home. Ambient House will turn your house into the real thing!

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Ambient House: Dance, Party, Rave Techno Trance Music

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  • $12.99